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Goodbye Windows, Hello Utah

Sunrise, Zion NP

Sunrise, Zion NP

Yes, I’ve been “gone” a while.  Blame it on my old computer.  The damn thing died.  Just decided one day not to run anymore.  Literally.  The hard drive simply quit.  Wouldn’t spin.  Just sat there making strange noises.

Panic city.  Since we were only a couple of weeks away from heading west again, things could have gotten ugly pretty quickly.  How can you process images when you have no computer?  How can you even know if you got anything worth processing?  That screen on the back of the camera just ain’t big enough.

So it was time for a quick decision (well, “quick” for me anyway).  Go buy a new Windows 10 PC or finally make the big switch to Apple?  Take another chance on a Windows system with the potential for blue screens and frozen programs?

After about 30 seconds of deep thought I headed off to a nearby Apple store and purchased a new 15″ Macbook Pro.  The nice little machine that I’m typing this on right now, here in the middle of Missouri.  On our way to Utah.

Good decision, I think.  At least so far.  It’s different than my old Windows machine, but not all that different.  So far, I think it’s a bit easier.  And faster.  Of course that’s partly (mostly?) because it’s a lot newer, has more memory, and a nice SSD hard drive.

So after years and years of fighting with Windows I’ve finally given up.  Goodbye Windows and hello OS X Yosemite.  I guess it’s never too late to switch.

And now maybe I can actually start posting stuff again………


8 Responses to “Goodbye Windows, Hello Utah”

  1. Tom Dills

    Ultimately the brand of computer you use doesn’t make a lot if difference – they all tend to die eventually. My Macs have been pretty reliable, and for travel the MacBook Pro is tough to beat. Mine is about 5 years old, a little heavy and needs a memory upgrade, but it works pretty well for what I use it for. Provided you had your photos on another drive and backed up, and I’m guessing you did, the transition should be pretty painless.

    I’m looking forward to following your latest adventure. If you end up coming back this way be sure to look us up, otherwise Kathy & I may try and track you down somewhere. As we start to contemplate our own “time on the road” I’d love to pick your brain and gather some tips from your experiences.

    • Paul Maxim

      I agree with you Tom, so long as both systems are actually running. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a PC that didn’t crash periodically. Maybe Macs do too, but most people say that they don’t. I guess I’ll find out as I go along. The one thing I do miss from Windows is Explorer (the file management system). I’m having a little difficulty with Finder, but it’s probably just me.

      No, we won’t be returning on I-40 this time so we won’t be coming close to North Carolina. We came out I-70 and we’ll go back I-70. Not my favorite route but it’s the quickest from where we live. And feel free to pick my brain anytime! I don’t know how much good it’ll do you but it’s always available……..

  2. E. Brooks

    Have a great trip, Paul, and as always I look forward to seeing and hearing of your travels. I don’t think you’ll have many if any regrets about the switch to Mac. Safe travels!

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Brooks. Partly based on your post, we stopped yesterday to see the Cathedral of the Plains. It’s a marvelous structure, especially on the inside. I don’t know why we’ve always passed it by. It was hot, though. Something like 91. Can’t wait to get into the mountains.

  3. Cedric Canard

    I’ve dealt with computers most of my adult life and I can say there isn’t one type of computer better than another (ok, I admit I just don’t get the point of Chromebooks). There’s just what you get use to, the rest is pure marketing brainwashing. Much like cameras I guess though with cameras some models are better suited to certain tasks. Anyway, beautiful image Paul. Makes me miss that type of landscape. Looking forward to seeing more from your trip

    • Paul Maxim

      I’m pretty sure that you know far more about computers and their quirks than I do, Cedric, but as I said to Tom I’ve never had a Windows PC (home or at work) that didn’t periodically decide to cause trouble. Maybe the Mac will do the same thing. But it’s kind of like continuing to buy the same brand of car even though that brand has a history of needing constant service. So I figured switching brands couldn’t make my life any worse (except maybe for the fact that Macs seem to cost a bit more).

      Yes, we just spent a couple of days in the mountains of Colorado. Fall color has arrived here and it’s really spectacular. Tomorrow, down into the desert of Utah. And into some higher than normal heat. Nothing like a little variety to keep you on your toes……


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