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Pizza on my Mind

Main St., Springdale, Utah

Main St., Springdale, Utah

Every time I think about eating pizza, I automatically think about Springdale, Utah, which also happens to be the western gateway to Zion NP.  And that’s because the best pizza I know of, the best pizza we’ve ever eaten, can be found here at a little place called Pizza and Noodle.  (The second best place – if you’re interested – is Fat Olives in Flagstaff, AZ.  They make all their own ingredients, on sight and by hand.)  Most of the time Pizza and Noodle is where we eat when we’re in Springdale. It makes life simple.  Not to mention fairly cheap.  We can get a caesar salad, pizza, and drinks for around $20.  That’s not bad when you’re on the road.

Pizza and Noodle, Springdale

Pizza and Noodle, Springdale

We sit right here on the front porch, enjoying the high desert air and the view.  Home sweet home.

Springdale, of course, sits right in the middle of the Colorado Plateau.  In case you didn’t know, the Colorado Plateau covers about 140,000 square miles and is bordered on the east by the western edge of the Rockies, on the south by the Mogollon Rim (near Sedona, AZ), on the west by the eastern edge of the Basin and Range region, and on the north by a line that runs just south of Salt Lake City.  Most of the Plateau lies above 5,000 feet.

What’s most amazing to me, though, is that the Colorado Plateau contains 10 National Parks and 17 National Monuments.  That’s just an astounding concentration of this country’s best parks.  And it doesn’t include state run parks or parks controlled by Native Americans (like Monument Valley).  You could spend a lifetime doing photography out there.  Some people have.  

I know I could.  At least so long as Pizza and Noodle stayed in business……..  



7 Responses to “Pizza on my Mind”

  1. TomDills

    Sounds like a great idea for a new project, Paul! I love finding those great local places, and they aren’t usually the places that come up in Google.

    • Paul Maxim

      Your “Google” comment is interesting, Tom. Whenever we go somewhere that we’ve never been before I always do a Google search for nearby restaurants. As I’m sure you’ve found on your own travels, it’s not fun to be in a place for a few days without a reasonably good place to eat. So you do an advance internet search. But sometimes such searches are incomplete – the best places (usually local) don’t show up. So you get a “pleasant surprise” when you arrive. Springdale is like that. The place has no chain restaurants. In fact, until a few years ago they had no chain hotels. They do now, though. And I think that that has contributed to the bigger crowds.

      • TomDills

        Paul, I’ve actually noticed the difference in search results between checking ahead of time and when we are at a destination. Case in point our trip to Key West last winter. Once we were there we found a number of restaurants we hadn’t seen before we got there. Several were as good or better than ones we had seen ahead of time. We’re headed to Colorado in a few weeks, and I’m interested in trying it there and seeing what we find.

        • Paul Maxim

          Tom, do you mean that you get different search results (from the same site) depending on whether you’re home or at your destination? Or are you simply physically finding restaurants that weren’t listed in your initial internet search?

          Colorado, huh? Another state that we really enjoy visiting. Where in Colorado are you headed? Heck, there are places where it’s snowed there in the last couple of weeks.

  2. TomDills

    That’s a great question, Paul. It’s only been my impression that the results are different, and I especially felt that to be the case in Key West. I’m looking forward to doing additional research.

    We’ll be flying to Denver in a few weeks and will be mostly exploring RMNP, with a few days at the end to meet and hang out with Monte in Fort Collins. We’re hoping to drive to the top of Pikes Peak, but it’s still covered in snow, as is Trail Ridge Road. Hopefully it will be clear by the time we get there!

    • Paul Maxim

      We’ve only been to Rocky Mountain NP once and I really don’t remember much about it, although we did go up on Trail Ridge Road. I think that’s where we both discovered that we’re susceptible to altitude sickness! It only seems to affect me if I get above 9,000 ft.

      If you do go down to Colorado Springs (Pikes Peak) you might want to go to Garden of the Gods. It’s just on the outskirts of Colorado Springs and it’s a very nice little park. It’s even got red rock……

      • TomDills

        We’re planning to head for Colorado Springs the day we arrive, but didn’t think we would try and go directly from the airport to the top of Pikes Peak! We’ll probably visit Garden of the Gods that day, then after a good night’s sleep will make the trek up the mountain.

        I’m a little leery of the altitude, since the highest we get around here is 6,000 or so feet. But there’s only one way to find out, and I’ve got to go and give it a try!


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