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On the other hand………

Canyon Education (4601)

It would be an understatement to say that I can, at times, be just a tiny bit cynical.  If you think that that was my tone in my last post, you’re right.  And I meant every word.  People often do very dumb things.  All the time.  They seem unable to not do dumb things.  I have no idea why – they just do.  Sadly, some of them pay a steep price for it.  For failing to think about what it might cost.  Not only for themselves, but for others, too.

Fortunately, there are some bright spots out there as well.  People who do their best to avoid self-inflicted disasters.  If there weren’t such people, humanity would have died off long ago.  (We still might, of course.  I’m not for a minute saying that reasonable behavior will win out.  At best that’s a roll of the dice.  Just read the newspaper or watch the news.  It’s scary out there.)

But guys like the one pictured here certainly offer hope.  He had these 3 kids (I assume they were his, but I don’t know for sure) perched on an outcropping overlooking the canyon.  It was, by the way, an “authorized” place to be.  It sits near a trail – close to Grandview Point – that will take hikers almost to the floor of the canyon.  He appeared to be teaching them part of the history of this remarkable place.  And he seemed to know what he was talking about.  And they all sat there and listened.  No offense to my teacher friends, but I think this guy might qualify for some kind of teacher-of-the-year award.  Heck, I was listening to him.  How better to learn about one of the earth’s 7 natural wonders?  My kind of on-the-spot education.

There was another guy there as well.   He was explaining to some young people, who seemed to be contemplating starting down the trail, that proper preparation was pretty important.  He clearly surprised them when he explained that people sometimes died coming back up.  They didn’t die because they were dehydrated – they had plenty of water in their systems.  They died because they ran out of electrolytes and critical nerves stopped firing.  Their hearts simply stopped working.  Take some salty food or Gatorade, he said.  They didn’t seem to know about this little requirement.  

They didn’t go down the trail.

Another “good guy”.  He didn’t know these people.  He simply was offering some free, useful advice.  You don’t mess around in the desert.  Bad things can happen.  

He could have just walked away.  Let them blissfully head down the trail.  But he didn’t.

See, I’m not totally cynical.  Not everyone deserves one of those coveted Darwin awards.  On the other hand, the numbers of the ones that do does seem to be growing……..    


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