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Fog? What Fog?

Fog 1 (3642)

We’re far from Pensacola Beach right now (we’re currently in Arizona), but I’m still fascinated by a series of pictures that I captured during a seriously foggy day by the Gulf last week.  Actually, I have another series (very much like this one) that dates back a few years on one of our trips to Maine.  Both sets have one thing in common: People doing whatever it is that they would have done if it wasn’t foggy.

I’m not criticizing.  Heck, if you spend that kind of money to get a beachfront room you can do anything you want.  If you left the frozen northeast to sit and watch the waves roll in and get some sun then you ought to be able to do it.  Fog or no fog.  Still, it’s kind of funny to watch.

Fog 2 (3646)

I’m surprised people didn’t get lost.  You really couldn’t see more than 50 feet or so, especially when the thick stuff rolled in.  I sure as hell wouldn’t have driven in it.  By the way, can you find the water in this image?

Fog 3 (3666)

This last one is my favorite.  This was one of the manned lifeguard stations on Pensacola Beach.  But I have no idea what he was doing in there.  He couldn’t see the water.  He could hear it well enough (the surf was really rolling in) but he definitely couldn’t see it.  A submarine could have surfaced a few feet offshore and he would have had no idea.  Not that it stopped people from going in the water.  As I said, if you’re paying for the beach, you’re going to use the damn beach.  As for getting the suntan, that’s going to be a little harder.



2 Responses to “Fog? What Fog?”

  1. e. Brooks

    Paul, I love photos which capture the unusual and these certainly do. Like you, I like the last one of this series best. Heck, that lifeguard station looks somewhat like some sort of luna lander complete with rover behind it…one small step!

    Thanks, I’m glad you shared these.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, EB. You’re right – it does look like a lunar lander! Heck, the danged things are probably air-conditioned……


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