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Let there be light……..

Let there be light 1 (3356)

Sometimes, when you’re walking around with a camera, you get some not-so-subtle hints (from the universe?) that tell you where to point the damn thing.  Sometimes it’s like getting hit in the back of the head with a 2 x 4.  It’s hard to ignore.  Something in the universe is saying “Hey stupid, look over here.  This is interesting stuff”.  And so we do.  A late afternoon sun emerges from behind some clouds, is filtered through some remarkably orange foliage, and projects itself onto some nearby water.  A photograph is born.

Let there be light 2 (3423)

If this small lake had not been briefly illuminated beyond this cove, there would be no picture.  It was far too dark.  The light made all the difference.  

Let there be light 3 (3467)

In this case, the sun emerged and acted as a kind of spotlight, illuminating these fallen leaves and a small portion of the pine tree that had captured them.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this.  Of course, there wouldn’t have been anything to see.  The light is everything.

So pay attention to that mythical 2 x 4 when it hits. The good news?  It’s painless.  It only hurts if you ignore it.



6 Responses to “Let there be light……..”

    • Paul Maxim

      Absolutely, Tom. With the emphasis, I think, on “paying attention”.

  1. Earl Moore

    Sometimes you can anticipate where the “there” might be from research and experience but there’s always surprises isn’t there? I’d grade an A+ capturing the exquisite light in this case.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Earl. Yes, heaven help us if we ever run out of those surprises……….


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