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The Couple

The Couple (3751, G12)

For some reason that I don’t understand, sunsets in Page, AZ, on the edge of Lake Powell, can be spectacular.  The sky can be very blue and very boring the entire day and then, like magic, clouds begin to appear in late afternoon and the sky turns a brilliant orange and yellow for about 20 minutes when the sun goes down.  Not every day, of course, but it seems to me to be fairly often.

My wife is a big fan of sunsets, so when this happened late last week she went out with her camera.  And took this picture.  What makes the story at least a little interesting, I think, is that she never saw the couple in the foreground.  Since she shoots everything on “Auto” the camera’s meter basically reacted to the sky.  As a result, everything else went very dark (but not quite black).  So from her point of view – looking at the LCD display – the couple wasn’t there.

I could see them on the computer, though.  And with a little help from Lightroom I pulled down the highlights and brought up the shadows.  I had to kill some noise, of course, but I think it looks OK.  So we have this middle-aged couple, arm in arm, happily watching the sun go down.  Nice.  Well, except for the long socks the guy is wearing with his shorts.  You’d think at least his wife (or significant other) would know better…….



6 Responses to “The Couple”

  1. Cedric Canard

    Good save of the shadow areas Paul. As for the spectacular sunsets, I would venture that the dust in the atmosphere would have something to do with it. Out that way, it’s unlikely to be pollution which is equally great for saturated sunset colours 🙂
    As for the shorts and long socks… well, there is no understanding that phenomena.

    • Paul Maxim

      Yes, the dust for sure is a factor, although again it isn’t an everyday thing. But don’t discount pollution, even “out that way”. The Navajo Generating Station is just a couple of miles south of Page and it’s coal-fired. With 3 huge smokestacks. If you Google it, you should find lots of pictures. Some people even blame the NGS for the sometimes hazy skies over the Grand Canyon.

  2. Earl Moore

    A nice save, Paul. Not much chance of dust out there at the moment…what with all that rain. Is your son high and dry in LV?

    A little photoshop could roll those socks down…I’m just saying!

    • Paul Maxim

      I don’t know if Page got much rain, Earl, but it’s for sure that southwestern Colorado got hit pretty good this morning. We were up at Mesa Verde and we could see it coming. Since parts of Mesa Verde are over 8,000 ft. in elevation, we were literally enveloped. Not good to be at 8,000 ft. in a storm…..

      We haven’t heard from him in a couple of days so we assume everything’s OK. I think the worst of it hit about 50 miles north of LV on I-15 near the Moapa Reservation. I think I-15 was closed for a while in that area. Thanks for asking.

      Never thought about “removing” the socks. If that had been me in the picture I sure as hell would have!

  3. TomDills

    Nice story and a very nice photo, Paul. You did well with your processing on that one. It sure is good to have a place with somewhat reliable sunsets!

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Tom. Sorry for the delayed response – we keep going in and out of accessible WIF!. But now we’re in Las Vegas visiting our sun; soon we’ll be heading east again.


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