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“Here I Go Again”


Firehole River

Firehole River

“Nobody takes a picture of something they want to forget”.

                                                                                 Robin Williams

I’d been wanting to find some kind of suitable quote from Robin Williams, one that at least contained a hint of photography in it.  And there it is.  How much more appropriate can you get?  In my mind the man was a genius, capable of making me laugh so hard that it was hard to breathe.  Being just a little older than most, I remember when he burst onto the national scene In “Mork and Mindy“.  Maybe I’m a little simpleminded, but I thought the show was hilarious.  Dumb, but hilarious.

The quote is appropriate for another reason, though.  In so many instances I take photographs for just that reason – I don’t want to forget.  There is no “art” in this particular image; it’s just a photograph of the entrance to the Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone NP.  You cross the Firehole River on a footbridge and enter a fantasy world of rising steam, technicolor bacterial deposits, gurgling pools of boiling water and steam, and strange smells that make you wonder if (or when) the place is going to explode.  It’s also the “home” of the Grand Prismatic Spring (one of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see).  We were in this park for less than a day and it left me with an insatiable desire to return.  The photographs I took there helped a little, of course.  Not to mention the fact that we never saw Mammoth Hot Springs or even all of the canyon area (including the Lower Falls – I have no idea how I managed to miss that spot).

And so, “Here I go Again”.  That’s the title, by the way, of one of my all-time favorite songs (by Whitesnake).  Hear it at:

Yes, hitting the road again.  Along with a 4-day visit to Yellowstone, we’ll visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield, parts of southern Utah and northern Arizona, Durango, Colorado (to visit Mesa Verde) and, of course, Las Vegas.  Interestingly, Las Vegas was a last-minute decision.  We were just there this past Spring and had initially decided to not go there.  Our original itinerary left us a few hundred miles east of southern Nevada.  But our son lives there.  It’s hard to get that close and scoot on by.  So we decided to backtrack a little and spend a couple of days there.  Hopefully, it won’t be too hot!  You never know about Vegas in September.

Hopefully, the super-volcano (otherwise known as “Yellowstone NP”) won’t decide to blow its top while we’re standing on it.  But I suppose you could find worse ways to exit this life.  It sure as hell wouldn’t be slow……..


4 Responses to ““Here I Go Again””

  1. Markus

    Thanks for that Robin Williams quote, Paul – a good complement for his “Good Morning, Vietnam”, that will probably stay in my ear forever. And have a safe trip! (Admittedly I am very jealous… the U.S. national parks are quite high on my bucket list)

    • Paul Maxim

      “Good Morning, Vietnam” was a favorite of mine (during my younger, anti-authoritarian days). Sadly, the world hasn’t changed much since then.

      Well, get yourself over here, then! The parks are a great place to find a little quiet and completely ignore the daily news cycle. Scenery ain’t bad, either.

  2. Cedric Canard

    Nice post Paul and cool photo of a great park. Spent a few days there many years ago and I should make a point of returning there some day but for now I’ll just wait for your photos. Enjoy your trip.


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