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“The Thumb”

The Thumb (1140, EM1)

The “Thumb”.

I think that’s what he said it was called.  I suppose it does look like a thumb (at least a little bit).  But my first impression was something else.  And I’m pretty sure the guy who was with me on our little tour of Monument Valley thought it looked like something else, too (I guess we’re both dirty old men).  In any case, it was the clouds that got my attention.

Yeah, right.


8 Responses to ““The Thumb””

  1. t smith knowles

    the contrast…perfect…..whatever you see………..little chuckle.

    • Paul Maxim

      You know, I never asked the guide if any of the Navajo people thought that it looked like something other than a thumb. Heck, I think there was even a small sign there saying it was called “The Thumb”. And hell, you should see the formation they call “The Totem Pole”……….

  2. Cedric Canard

    That’s an impressive natural structure. Quite erect one might say. Proud even. It looks rather large but then again it is, you know, hard… to get a sense of scale I mean. Who wouldn’t give it a thumbs up?

    • Paul Maxim

      Oh, it’s big alright. Huge. And hard as a rock. Heck, I think Cialis should use it in one of their stupid TV commercials as a background image. With a nice manly picture of John Wayne right next to it.


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