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Can it get any Weirder?

St. Francis 1 (EM1)

One day we were enjoying 72 degree weather (with sun!); the next day we were fighting a snowstorm (in southern Missouri).  A 40 degree temperature change.  With lots of wind.  Just plain strange.

Now we’re in Santa Fe, NM.  Lots of sun, but chilly.  I’ve never been here before.  It’s a nice little town with lots of old stuff.  It has the oldest house in America and the oldest church.  In fact, there’s a bell in the church that was made in 1365.  Eventually it found its way to Santa Fe.  There’s even a hammer sitting next to it so that you can ring it (it has a beautiful tone).  A man inside the church said that if you ring it you’ll come back to Santa Fe.

This statue resides at a different church that is young by comparison (St. Francis Basilica, built in the 1800’s).  I’ve been in some beautiful churches in my travels, especially in places like Charleston and Savannah, but St. Francis – in my opinion – beats them all.  It’s just spectacularly beautiful on the inside.  It’s strange that I have such an affinity for beautiful churches.  If someone told me that I had to attend a Sunday service at one of them I’d hightail it out of town.  In a heartbeat.  But I’ll gladly spend a great deal of time visiting them and admiring the artwork and the architecture.  Go figure.


9 Responses to “Can it get any Weirder?”

  1. John Linn

    >>40 degree temperature change

    Sounds familiar.

    It also sounds like you are having a great travel experience. Take lots of pictures (maybe I don’t need to say that!).

    • Paul Maxim

      Yes, it does sound familiar. I see Rochester was having some rain today and that there might be another snowstorm this weekend. Yikes! No question about it, John – lots and lots of pictures…….

  2. Kathryn Jensen

    Oh I wish I had found that church and rung the bell. It is one of my favorite places but I especially love Taos. I only spent an afternoon there this summer – just long enough to visit the O’Keefe museum and have an amazing lunch at excellent diner on the square. I told the boys that this was mom time.

    I love reading about your travel adventures!

    • Paul Maxim

      We were here for 2 days (heading to Sedona tomorrow) and I never made it to the O’Keefe museum. Dumb. We spent a lot of our time visiting a couple of National Monuments near here. We did manage to get to the Plaza a couple of times, though. One night we ate at a neat pizza place overlooking the Plaza. We also discovered that it’s easy to get lost in Santa Fe – all the streets run in circles. But it was a heck of a lot of fun!

      • Kathryn Jensen

        Have you been to Sedona before? That place blew my mind. I’d never even really heard of it and my uncle said we absolutely must stop when driving between Tucson and the Grand Canyon. Wow – ate at a fabulous Mexican restaurant (Oaxaca) overlooking the beautiful red rocks.

        • Paul Maxim

          Yes, we’ve been to Sedona a few times. Even so, the place blows my mind each time I see it. I’ve never understood why it was never turned into a National Park or Monument. Although the locals are very protective of the place. I imagine that includes John McCain who has a “ranch” nearby. Sedona is a place I wouldn’t mind living in (if I could afford it!).

      • Kathryn Jensen

        Actually the O’Keefe museum was smaller than I expected and a bit of a disappointment after seeing giant retrospective of her work in DC many years ago. Still I am a huge fan and did find some unique pieces and info of which I was unaware.

        • Paul Maxim

          Well that makes me feel better. I remember seeing an Ansel Adams exhibit in Las Vegas some years ago. And like you I saw some photographs that I’d never seen before. While Adams has fallen out of favor with some of today’s “experts”, I still love seeing full-sized prints of his work. The guy was a genius. And I think he knew O’Keefe.

  3. Kathryn Jensen

    The story on Sedona from what I understand is that it was already a well-established tourist town when the National Park and Monument system was being started.


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