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Hell Freezes Over………..

Hell Freezes Over (031, EM1)

Feeling like spending a day at the beach?  A swim in the big lake?  Or maybe a little boating or water skiing?

Well, think again.  This is western NY.  In January.  Where, unless you like ice fishing, the weather generally sucks.  Come back in May.  With any luck, the ice will be gone by then.  You won’t be able to swim yet, though.  That happens some time in late June.  If the water’s clean enough.  But – if you pick the right day – you might see a little sun.


4 Responses to “Hell Freezes Over………..”

  1. Earl Moore

    Paul, While I might envy the photo opportunities living near a large body of water with the cold snow and ice the winters there bring, I certainly don’t envy dealing with it day-in and day-out. I think I’ll just be happy here where we’ve seen some cold temps but no snow except at the higher elevations.

    I hope you’re getting your mind off it planning your next southwest road trip! 😉

    • Paul Maxim

      You’re not alone, Earl. I don’t want to deal with it on a daily basis, either. Especially not right on the lakeshore. Not only is it always cloudy here in the winter time, the wind is blowing constantly. And it’s always worse next to the lake. Next week the Arctic air returns (by Wednesday it’ll be about 8 degrees).

      Definitely thinking about another trip. Utah and Arizona are looking pretty good to me right now………

  2. John

    The older I get, the less I like cold weather! I’m lucky to live in a low humidity state where it’s mostly bearable.

    • Paul Maxim

      At least in Denver you get to see the sun once in a while. When I turned on the Denver / New England game last Sunday I was amazed how blue the sky was (and it was relatively warm, too!). Here in good old Rochester-land the sun disappears for weeks at a time. It’s just a constant, miserable gray. And cold…….


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