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Port of Rochester

Port of Rochester (1278, EM5, 11-7-13)

As you can see by the inscription on the bridge, this is the Port of Rochester.  Not that anyone is likely to confuse this place with the ports of Charleston, New Orleans, or Los Angeles.  At best, it’s just a small Great Lakes port.  All you’ll see coming in or going out are pleasure craft and Coast Guard vessels.  And an occasional (small) cargo ship.  Heck, this time of year – as winter approaches – you’ll be lucky to see much of anything going in or out.  Even the seagulls seem to be abandoning ship.  But that’s OK.  It sort of fits with the “small city” atmosphere that defines Rochester.  So long as you can tolerate “dull” it’s not a bad place to hang out from November to April.  You might call it hibernation with consciousness.

It was the clouds, though, that got my attention yesterday.  Whenever a cold front approaches from across Lake Ontario, as one did yesterday, the clouds tend to get stirred up.  You get tapioca – looking skies like this one.  And in Rochester, the sky is always more interesting than an empty harbor.  Always.


2 Responses to “Port of Rochester”

  1. Cedric Canard

    Excellent cloudscape. I can see why it caught your eye. And some people prefer clear blue skies when they can have cool stuff like this 🙂

    • Paul Maxim

      Yes it was a lot better than boring blue sky, although after the last couple of days of wind and the dreariness of monotone gray I’m ready for a little bit of the blue. 🙂 I also have to admit that the cloudscape was enhanced a teeny bit in Silver Efex Pro 2. Not a lot, but a little…….


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