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What Winter Should Look Like

Bryce Snow (6106)

As opposed, that is, to what it looks like here in western NY.  Yes, we did get swiped by that nor’easter that pummeled New England last weekend.  And yes, it created a day or two of photogenic snow – especially on the trees.  But now we’re back to “normal”: ugly gray skies, roads with too many potholes, dirty snow, and annoying winds.  Or more simply, winter in New York.


2 Responses to “What Winter Should Look Like”

  1. Earl

    This photo is a too beautiful version of winter to be anywhere on the east coast, Paul. Trees are starting to bud here and if we keep getting rain and warmer temps I’ll be mowing yard by March.

    • Paul Maxim

      No, definitely not on the east coast, Earl. It was taken last March at Bryce. I’ll be back there again, in fact, in a little over a month. Nothing like red rock and snow, even if you’re tired of winter.

      Nobody will be mowing anything here in March. That’s why we like to get out of here – March is by far the ugliest time of year around these parts. And that’s saying something……..


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