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A Ding in the Dome

Golden Dome (4573)

A very rough night for us die-hard Notre Dame fans.  Dumped on, run over, and utterly humiliated by Alabama’s Crimson Tide.  The Domers got blitzed.  I guess the return to national “glory” isn’t quite complete – at least not yet.  But there’s always next year………

Of course, we’ve been saying that for about a quarter century now.

Heck, I don’t even know why I’m an Irish fan.  I’m not Catholic.  I’m not anything.  I certainly didn’t go to school there (although I wish I had).  Actually, I’ve only been there once, when this picture was taken.  And only for a couple of hours.  And it rained.

Still, as far as colleges go, they’re my team.  They’re my team and they got hammered.  In front of a huge national TV audience.

Evil wears a red helmet with an ‘A’ on it…………..


4 Responses to “A Ding in the Dome”

    • Paul Maxim

      Easy for you SEC guys to say. Most of the SEC teams could probably play in the NFL. Actually, I think Alabama let ND score just so it wouldn’t look so one-sided!

      • Earl

        So what do you make of the Manti Te’o fictional girlfriend story, Paul. I’ve read about it and watch video/news reports but still can’t figure out if Manti is a liar or just stupid. What a story.

        I just saw a fan site for the Alabama post a photo of two of their players posing with their girlfriends captioned: “Real Football, Real Girlfriends.” It can’t get much worst for ND fans can it.

  1. Paul Maxim

    It’s bizarre, Earl. Just plain old bizarre. Stranger than fiction, as the saying goes. If he didn’t know what was going on then he was, as you say, “just stupid”. If he did know, then what was his motive for being a party to it? How was it going to benefit him? And did he think that the media would never find out? They always find out! The whole thing defies explanation……..

    The Alabama posting you reference is funny. Not to mention true……….


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