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Picturing the Picture-Makers

The Picture-Takers (112, EM5)

While wandering around the Windows area of Arches NP a couple of months ago, I somehow managed to get myself right in the middle of this picture-taking “event”.  While all 4 people standing did wind up taking this couple’s picture, it would have been more interesting (to me, anyway) if they’d all done it at exactly the same time.  Kind of like a firing squad with point-and-shoot cameras.

Curiously, they only photographed this couple.  No one else had their picture taken here.  That is, none of the others in this group sat up there in the “window” and posed.  It was just the two who appear in this image.  Then they all left.

Maybe the couple is famous or something.  Or just got married.  So the question is: If these 4 were photographing this couple, and I was photographing them photographing the couple, who was photographing me photographing them photographing the couple?


4 Responses to “Picturing the Picture-Makers”

    • Paul Maxim

      Never thought of that possibility, Don. But could be there was something up there watching all of us climbing around on those rocks. Heck, it’s Utah after all………….

  1. Earl

    Paul, Maybe this couple was having engagement photographer tryouts. You ought to submit your bid! 😉

    • Paul Maxim

      Hmmm, wish I’d thought of that, Earl! Of course I have no idea who they are. Just another example of how picture-making generally creates more questions than it answers.


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