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Dawn of the Dead

I guess I lied.  Or at least fibbed.  I do apparently still take pictures of sunrises.  While most of Monroe county (here in western NY) was preparing to invade the local malls early today (Black Friday), I was wandering around with my EM-5 looking at a sky loaded with color.  Whenever I see oranges and blues in the same place I really can’t help myself.

Anyway, I’ve always disliked the idea of “Black Friday”.  And when I see people camped out for days in front of Best Buy or the local Apple store I honestly wonder at the insanity.  It’s just brain dead people with money (or credit cards).  But hell, that’s what keeps the economy going, right?  It’s a real catch-22: If people acted in a more rational manner and spent less of what they didn’t really have, it would lead to higher unemployment.  Not a good thing.  It’s retail that drives this economy.  Of course more personal debt isn’t a good thing, either.

So I’ll skip the camping out at Best Buy; I don’t need any new 55″ TV’s.  And I’ll just keep roaming around with my new EM-5.  That I purchased online.  My contribution to stimulating the economy.  Hey, you can’t say I’m not trying to do my part………..


10 Responses to “Dawn of the Dead”

  1. Markus Spring

    Sad truth with unemployment… especially the unemployment in China, where our gadgets origins are, and the Bermundas and Switzerland, where the tax-bypassed profits go…

    No, healthy it’s not. Here, ‘black friday’ is not such an institutionalised capitalism religious holiday, but the whole advent time is. No fun.

    • Paul Maxim

      “An institutionalised capitalism religious holiday”. I like that phrase – it fits! Not sure what to do about the whole thing, though. The world economy isn’t exactly predicated on “moderation”. Consumption drives everything.

  2. Mark

    Well, I’d say you got a good deal. Amazing how many people probably don’t stop to appreciate a sunrise when they are all wrapped up in consumerism. I think the reason the economy is not growing the way the “experts” would like is that since the Great Recession, people and businesses have learned to do more with less. It is going to take quite awhile to forget and go back to the old ways.

    • Paul Maxim

      You’re certainly right, Mark, about businesses learning to do more with less. They’re not going to do much additional hiring unless they absolutely have to. But I’m personally not so sure about consumers. The drive to acquire more “stuff” is a powerful one.

      Just ask any photographer, right?

  3. Cedric Canard

    There are other ways to maintain an economy and employment without all the excessive consumerism but the paradigm shift would be too great for now and would require leaders with far-reaching vision (you know, beyond the next election).
    But aside from that, I took a photo almost identical to yours just a few weeks ago. I turned it upside down to give a sensation of being above rather than below the clouds. Like you I don’t shoot this kind of thing often but I am attracted by the colours and textures offered by such beautiful vistas.

    • Paul Maxim

      Exactly right, Cedric. The same kinds of shifts that would be required to significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere. They’re tied together like conjoined twins. You can’t effect one without effecting the other. Not likely to happen any time soon……..

      Yes, color and texture. Impossible to resist, I think.

  4. John - Visual Notebook

    I never go out on “Black Friday” – can’t stand the crowds of brain-dead, hostile, consumers. Target opening on Thanksgiving night at 8? Really? People just have to shop then? Sorry…that’s just insane. Your solution is sane, simple and satisfying. Good work, good image!

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, John. I’m with you – the only store we see on Black Friday is the grocery store. I refuse to go near anything else. Those people are just nuts……….

  5. John - Visual Notebook

    We visited Lake Powell in 1997 – at that time we were able to get within a couple hundred feet of Rainbow Bridge. You can see water in the channel fairly close to it in my picture (also mid-afternoon – not ideal). I had heard a few years ago the Lake was refilling, but I guess with the horrendous drought most of the U.S. is going through right now, that trend has been thoroughly reversed.

    • Paul Maxim

      You’re right, John. I’m pretty sure the levels were rising in 2010 – 2011. A fair amount of rain and lots of snowpack upriver in the mountains during that time. Since then, not so much. Given the cycles this area seems to go through, this drought could go on for a few years.


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