If it’s fall……….

The weather turned absolutely beautiful here yesterday, so sitting around looking at pictures on the computer (or doing anything else indoors) was out of the question.  Pack up the gear and head for the Jeep!  And go somewhere.

So I headed south to one of my “local” favorite places – Taughannock Falls SP.  I wasn’t sure what I’d find there, since the fall color up near Rochester isn’t all that wonderful this year.  I also didn’t know how much water I’d see going over the falls (it’s been dry, relatively speaking).  Interestingly, the color down there is very good.  Surprisingly good.  I met a guy in the park from Syracuse who had traveled south for the same reason.  Not much color in Syracuse, either, so he decided to drive into the Finger Lakes region.  And he was glad that he did.

As far as water level is concerned, it was extremely low.  Much lower than I thought it would be.  I’ve never personally seen that little water flowing over the brink of the falls.  It’s still a beautiful amphitheater – like structure, but it was amazingly quiet in there.  The good news, though, was that there wasn’t any spray blowing in your face or on your camera.

Lots of people there, too.  Many of them were from out-of-state.  As I’ve said before, NY’s parks seem to draw more non-New Yorkers than New Yorkers.  I still don’t understand that.

On the upside, the low water allowed me to spend most of my time walking down the middle of the gorge.  The only thing that spoiled the mood was encountering a goofy acting fox.  The damn thing was standing out in the open and didn’t seem to be one little bit perturbed by me or anything else.  Mostly, he seemed to be trying to scratch some terrible itch.  Now, I know nothing about these creatures, but I do know that they can be affected by mange, a skin disease that most often strikes animals.  And I know that it can tend to make them act weirdly.

In any case, it ran off soon after.  Right about the time I thought about using the camera.  God only knows how paralyzed I’d become if it was ever a bear………..


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