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Monday Morning “Pretty Picture”

Unexpected rainbow, Lake Powell, AZ

Since we’re still on the road (about to recross the Mississippi today), I thought I’d just post another “pretty picture”.  Nothing serious, of course.  Just another mindnumbing piece of fluff.


9 Responses to “Monday Morning “Pretty Picture””

  1. Earl

    Paul, reading what you wrote it struck me it’s such a shame we feel we have to apologize for posting a “pretty picture” — as if an appreciation of simple beauty was a trait of those less evolved. The world these days is mindnumbing, so a moment of unexpected beauty would qualify as something else in my book.

    • Paul Maxim

      No argument from me, Earl. Heck, this was one of those images that just sort of appeared. We were in a place above the lake where we could get out of the sun and this strange little rain cloud showed up. I don’t think the rain was even hitting the ground. But it was enough to produce the rainbow. We were both a bit stunned by it – it’s not something you see very often in the desert.

      Yes, “unexpected beauty”. I will not apologize for that……..

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Juha. As I mentioned to Earl, I didn’t have to chase anything here. It just fell into my lap. Would have been a bummer if I hadn’t had my camera……..

  2. Cedric

    I have to agree with Earl. It’s a beautiful scene, not the “pretty picture” (as I understand your definition of such a thing) you deem it to be. It’s not like you pushed the saturation to ridiculous and unrealistic levels. I would be quite stoked to have been privy to such a scene and to have captured it so well. Nothing mindnumbing about it. Quite the contrary.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Cedric. No, I don’t classify it as a “pretty picture”, either. Some might, but not me. In any case, I really don’t understand why some people look at images like this and scoff. I probably never will.

  3. cooperscave

    Being at the right place at the right time, beautiful image, I hope you enter this in competition, a definte winner.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Don. As we reenter the northeast and hit the cooler temperatures, this picture definitely makes me want to go back!


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