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Stoned in Utah

I’ve been accused more than once of having rocks in my head.  I think it started with my Dad way back when.  At that point in time, it was probably true.  Maybe it still is.  Or maybe not.  But one thing that is true is the fact that I never cease to be amazed by the rock formations I see here in Utah.  It’s hard to believe that all these formations are the result of endless assaults by water (with a little help from wind and temperature changes and of course time).  Somehow, they just don’t look like randomly produced structures.

But of course they are exactly that.  Like these guys in Goblin Valley.  I’m not so sure they look like goblins, though.  In fact, the place was originally called Mushroom Valley.  Take your pick.  They’re still bizarre.


2 Responses to “Stoned in Utah”

  1. John Linn

    Very nice composition and great tonality. The sky density values perfectly complement the shapes and textures of the rocks. Looks like you are having productive travels.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, John. Yes, more “productive” than staying home, I think. We love being on the road.


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