Yesterday's Light

Images in Space and Time

Rocky Mountain Surprise

Near Frisco, CO

We came through the Rockies this past Saturday on I-70.  While we’ve traveled this route a number of times, I don’t think we’ve ever done it on a weekend.  Apparently, not a great idea.  Especially when the weather is beautiful and the Aspens have turned.  Lots and lots of traffic.  But it was worth it, I guess.  We really didn’t expect to see that much color.  Last year when we came through it was about a week later and the Aspens were just starting to turn.  So this was a surprise.

If you look through the trees across I-70 you can see a small lake in the background.  You’ll also see that it’s pretty low.  As is the Colorado River as it runs through here.  Like a lot of other places, they could use some rain.

Also, I hate to complain but Indiana is still a bitch to drive through.  You’d think that eventually they’d finish something there.  You know, like an interstate repair job.  I guess not this year, though.


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