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“The Heat is On”

To “celebrate” our current minor heat wave, my friend Ken posted a fine short video today.  Not to be outdone, I created one of my own using my favorite hot weather related song “The Heat is On”, by Glenn Frey.  The song, of course, was used in the movie Beverly Hills Cop quite a few years back.

My problem, though, was finding some images suitable for that theme.  Turned out to be not so easy.  I rarely go out to take pictures when it’s hot here in western NY – it’s always too damn humid.  So I just don’t have any available images from around good old Rochester.  But I have taken quite a few in the southwest while walking around in 90 degree (or hotter) heat.  Nothing like hiking around under a brutal sun in air so dry your skin starts to crackle after a while.

And these images are all in bright, glorious color.  I mean, how do you represent heat without using the color “red”?

Anyway, even if you don’t care for the pictures, enjoy the music.  Hopefully, in the comfort of AC.


9 Responses to ““The Heat is On””

  1. oneowner

    Cool (pun intended) video, Paul. There is lots of photos Here I don’t think ever got posted before. Very nice. I will have to try the LR4 slideshow feature soon.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Ken. The thing I remember most about these images is how hot it was at the time they were taken. The photograph of the path with a cliff on the left side, for example, was taken on my way up to Delicate Arch in Arches NP. It was the only shade I’d seen in my long walk up a fairly steep hill. I just stood there for a few minutes to let my skin cool down. Not a great image, but one that I remember fondly!

      LR4’s slideshow module is easy enough and fairly straightforward, but it’s not as versatile as some of the more specialized “slideshow” software. Most of what you create will look similar to everything else you create within LR4.

  2. Cedric

    Just what I needed to warm me up during our Queensland winter. It only got to 68F (20C) today which may as well be freezing as far as I’m concerned 😉

    • Paul Maxim

      Winter? 68 F is “winter”? For me, that’s just about the perfect temperature! How hot does it get in the summertime?

      • Cedric

        I was being a little facetious Paul, I too enjoy the temperatures we get here in winter. We can get as low as 60F during the day and we find ourselves wearing a coat or sweater but it’s nothing to complain about. Night times can get as low as 45F but that would be exceptional. The nice thing is that we tend to have dry winters with clear blue skies so it is definitely pleasant. Our summers on the other hand are somewhat sticky and muggy with high humidity (80%+) and temperatures in the high 90’s. Not so pleasant though I don’t mind it too much. It helps that we have a pool and that I keep my fridge stocked with ice-cold beers 😉

  3. Don

    I can relate, its like the heat in Florida versus a NY summer but today in the 70’s is nice.

    • Paul Maxim

      Yes, that cooler air does feel better, doesn’t it. Now I just wish we could get a little rain………

  4. themiddlegeneration

    That was fun to watch! Those little hints of shade in your photos really called to me. I loved the shot of the road leading into the desert. Has anyone ever caught one of those “mirages” on camera? You know, where the road shimmers and looks like a big pool of water is ahead…

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Laura. You know, that’s a great question. I have no idea if still cameras can “see” a mirage. I would assume that they can – a mirage is really just a reflection, so it’s optically “real”. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen mirages portrayed in movies. So now I’ll have to be watching for them the next time I’m out in the desert (this September). If I manage to catch one, I’ll post it!


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