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LR4 Slideshow Video

I’ve been playing around with LR4’s slideshow module the last couple of days.  While it’s still not terribly sophisticated (in my opinion), it does seem to be a whole lot better than it used to be.  One of the things that seems to work better is transforming a created slideshow into video format (mp4).  You can select a number of different resolutions, depending on what you intend to do with it once it’s created.  The video embedded here is in 720p, which made this 4 minute slideshow something like 55 MB.

Let me know if you have any problems with it.

Well, that’s sort of interesting.  WordPress, apparently, still wants to “dumb” it down.  Even though it started out at a fairly high resolution, it gets changed in the upload process.  If you want to switch to a “fullscreen” view while watching, it looks a whole lot fuzzier than it did in its original version.

Same old problem, I guess.  Time for some more research……….

Update (7/2/12):

OK.  I’ve tried the Youtube approach to try and get better resolution.

Yep, that works better.  Just switch the resolution at the bottom right and watch it in full screen mode.  The detail is much, much better.  Hopefully, I won’t be hearing from any of ZZ Top’s lawyers……….


9 Responses to “LR4 Slideshow Video”

  1. c4minor

    Hi Paul, this is wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing. No problems watching the video (I just clicked ‘play’ and it did). I am amazed how a city that abounds with colors can be portrayed so nicely in b/w. Actually, the monochrome adds more than it takes (back to the favorite thread again…).
    I love to use the Nik software on my pictures to create b/w renditions every now and then. Almost every time I do, I feel the result conveys more than the source. By the way, for me that doesn’t hold for your Antelope Canyon pictures posted recently – they’re both masterpieces.
    Another thing: thanks for mentioning ZZ Top – From the first bars onward I was wondering who played that kinda ‘heavy’ rendition of ‘Viva Las Vegas’… It goes extremely well with your pictures.

    Have a nice day,

    • c4minor

      PS: Just watched the video again via the web page. Now I see the point about resolution. First time I watched it within an RSS feed (Mail / Mac OS X). At least twice the size of the web version and totally crisp. Going to the full screen from the blog, well: Bigger but not better. Turning on HD helps, but not much. But that’s just technicalities. It’s a great movie.

      • Paul Maxim

        Thanks, Christian. I’m still at a loss on the resolution thing. I’ve done a few of these before (on other software) and they’ve also been soft at full-screen. Seems like it must be a WordPress thing. Heck, I can watch this one on my TV at full resolution just using a flashdrive. And I’ve put it on my iPad at full resolution. No problem.

        There has to be a way……….

  2. oneowner

    Very interesting slideshow, Paul. The full screen did appear fuzzy to me but it was nicer when i took off the full screen. But it did seem small. Did you use the function where the soundtrack determine the duration of each slide automatically to match the length of the music? I could not get that function to work in the last version where here it worked fine. The images, though, are really nice and I like the B&W version very much. Probably better than the color versions because Vegas seems a little gaudy to me. And i prefer the ZZ Top version of VLV to the Elvis version (any day).

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Ken. Yes, I used the LR function that calculates slide duration. Worked pretty well. As to the “smallness”, that’s still got me bugged.

      I’ve always liked ZZ Top. This is a much better version of this song than the one Elvis did.

  3. Cedric

    Looks good small but as has been pointed out, it get’s a bit fuzzy when viewed large even in HD mode. Maybe you should upload it to youtube and embed it here if you think WordPress is somehow compressing it. I should have a go at this myself. Looks good and seems a nice way to show a series of images.

    • Paul Maxim

      Yeah, I’ve thought about the Youtube approach. That way, you just basically provide a link to the video without having to upload it to WordPress. My only “concern” is the music. I don’t exactly have the rights to use it and Youtube is a much bigger place than my tiny little blog. But I’ve always liked music and photographs together. Seems like a natural combination to me.

  4. Earl

    Paul, yeah it plays well but it does loose resolution at full screen. I’ve found video to be very tricky to manage…or perhaps it’s just I don’t know much about it. Yeah, that’s it! 🙂

    I agree music and photos are a wonderful combination. Very nice effort and I enjoyed it.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Earl. If you have time, take a peek at the Youtube version at full screen. It should look much, much better. I still haven’t figured out what WordPress is doing (or what I’m not doing), but now maybe I don’t need to…….


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