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Dirty Birds

I’m not anti-bird or anything.  Heck, I like critters as well as anyone.  But the blackbirds that inhabit this multi-dwelling birdhouse are beginning to get on my nerves.  For starters, they seem absolutely determined to poop on my windows as much as possible.  They’re like dive bombers.  Each day, we have new decorative “white spots” to deal with.

And why do they have to get up so early in the morning?  It’s not like they have this sweet, wonderful song that they sing.  Actually, they don’t sing at all.  They just sort of screech.

Not much you can do about it, though.  Nesting birds are protected in this state.  Even ugly messy ones.  Otherwise, I’d get out my saw and cut the damn pole down.  That’d shut the buggers up.  Problem is, it would also do some serious damage to the little ones on the inside.  The little ones that are going to grow up, learn how to poop and screech, and then mate in a year or so to create more ugly, messy birds.

Now I know Mother Nature has a “purpose” for every creature out there.  These things must have some part in the “grand plan”, right?  Maybe they eat grubs or something.  Or some other little bug that’s even nastier.  But couldn’t Mother Nature have “designed” something a tad more attractive (and less messy) for this task?  And maybe didn’t make a noise that makes you squint when you hear it?

Anyway, they’ll abandon their little homes soon.  Breeding time will be over.  The little ones will fledge and they’ll all fly away (I hope).  Then all we’ll need is someone brave enough to fumigate the house on the pole.  God only knows what they leave in there………..


4 Responses to “Dirty Birds”

  1. oneowner

    I know what they leave in there, but i can’t say in a PG blog like this one.

    • Paul Maxim

      What always amazes me, Ken, is that the next “owners” of these little condos just move right in. Eventually, the place has to fill up with sticks and poop. Doesn’t it?

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Tom. The image is, of course, all about the clouds. There wasn’t a bird in sight when I took this photograph. We don’t get these kinds of clouds all that often here in western NY. The blackbirds, on the other hand, are as ubiquitous as blades of grass………..


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