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Always in the Picture…….

An evening on Bourbon St.

While we really enjoyed our brief stay in New Orleans, it isn’t a place I’d ever want to live.  Or even visit again.  As cities go, it’s definitely just a little “tight” for my tastes.  Not a huge amount of room to move around in.  And lots of people.  Some of whom didn’t exactly strike me as “responsible citizens”.  But maybe I’m just paranoid (or claustrophobic?).

Anyway, it seemed to me that as evening came on, the police became more and more visible.  Especially on Bourbon Street.  Probably to make all of us tourist – types feel more comfortable.  Most weren’t in cars, either.  Like these two, many were on foot.  Just hanging around watching the crowds walk by, trying to look inconspicuous.

As photographs go, I’m amazed that I got this one at all.  A second later these two were up and moving.  I didn’t reset the aperture, so it was still at f/8.  The exposure wound up being 1/15 sec.  Not the best shutter speed for a handheld shot.  And it is just a tiny bit soft in places.  But what the hell.  It’s an image that very much reminds me of the atmosphere that I experienced while we were there.  An experience that in all likelihood will never happen again.


6 Responses to “Always in the Picture…….”

  1. oneowner

    I think this is the norm these days. In many parts of the world there is a very noticeable police or even a military presence in tourist areas. One of the interesting things in this photo is the hydrant is about 3-4 feet above the ground. is the area that prone to flooding? I’ve not seen this before. Oh, BTW, I like this shot very much.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Ken. Yes, this area is very prone to flooding. While the French Quarter recovered quickly from Katrina, the water was at least a few feet deep here right after the hurricane. I suppose that kind of threat is why the hydrants are so high. Good question – I wish I’d thought to ask it while I was there.

      And you probably know that no one’s actually buried “underground” in New Orleans. If they tried doing that, all the bodies would literally float away. All the vaults are above ground.

  2. meanderingpassage

    Does anyone really feel safe anywhere these days. Certainly not like they use to when kids were allowed to roam free and door were seldom locked. We live in an age of fear…some of it deserved and much of our own making. This fear is being played upon one way or the other in efforts to gain political advantage.

    NC is facing a vote this next Tuesday on a state constitutional amendment concerting the definition of Marriage — you can’t even discuss it with many here because emotions are running so high and there is fear a plenty. A sad state…in many ways.

    The slight softness in a few areas didn’t lessen the overall impact of this photo. Very nice!

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Earl. Yes, I’m aware of the NC primary next Tuesday, and the vote on the ban on gay marriage. From what I’ve read, the ban will very likely pass. That seems strange to me in a way since – based on national polls – support for LGBT unions is growing. If you look at the country as a whole, more people support gay marriage and civil unions than not. Southern states, of course, often view things a bit differently.

      Long term, though, it will happen. Just as women were finally allowed to vote and racism has (slowly) subsided, the gay community will eventually be afforded equal rights under the law. Not that all this crap still doesn’t make my head explode……..

    • Paul Maxim

      Well, some of it is colorful, John. I’d be lying if I said that it was a town filled with brilliant color. A lot of it is gray and drab, in my opinion. But some of it looks a lot like Charleston or Savannah. So was I being “selective”? Probably so……….


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