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“May the curse be with you”

"Specialty" store in New Orleans

I suppose I should have posted this image yesterday.  Yesterday, of course, was Friday the 13th.  A day to be conscious of what you’re doing and what kinds of things you’re walking under or whose path you might be crossing.  That is, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Not me, though.  There’s no such thing as “magic” or “curses” (knock on wood).  Right?

But this was a neat store.  How can you not love a sign like that?

2 Responses to ““May the curse be with you””

  1. Steve Weeks

    For the most part I agree with you on curses. One exception is the “Mother’s Curse” which is a wayward girl child and the mother says/thinks “I hope you have one just like this”. In four generations of family history I have yet to see it fail.

    Wonderful picture in the feeling for the area. On a tech note, hard to get neon and shadow detail all working; you did very well.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Steve. You’re right about the neon sign – I always think that I’ve screwed up the focus when I see an image with neon on the computer. It always looks a bit fuzzy around the neon. But then I check other areas and they look OK. Same thing happens – as you well know – in LV. Especially at night.

      As for the “curses”, I kind of said that tongue-in-cheek. Some deeply buried part of my psyche seems to want to “believe”. Heck, Murphy’s Law is kind of a universal curse, right? When things go wrong, we all figure that we’re being punished for something that we’ve done.


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