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iPad Photography (Again)

Using the iPad, Bryce Canyon

When I first saw someone using an iPad – for picture taking – at Bryce last October, I really didn’t think much of it.  I didn’t think that it was something that would catch on, or at least not like using an iphone for photography.

I was wrong.  I’ve seen a lot of it this trip, from Pensacola to San Antonio to Bryce Canyon (again).  What I don’t understand is why people doing it don’t seem to be worried about dropping the danged things.  I’ve never seen anybody using it with any kind of neck strap.  They just hold them out in front of themselves and snap away.  The woman using it here was standing at the edge of Bryce Canyon.  If she’d let it go, it would have been gone.  Forever.

Maybe they take great pictures.  I don’t know.  But to me it seems a bit on the awkward side.  I saw a guy in San Antonio on the River Walk holding one out in front of him just like this woman is doing.  And there were a zillion people all around him trying to get by.  How hard would it be to knock the thing loose?  I doubt they take falls to the pavement much better than cameras do.

Lots of people doing the “drive-by” kind of photography on this trip, too (again).  We got behind a van this morning in Zion that would slow down periodically.  As it did, a woman in the front passenger seat would extend herself out the window and start shooting.  Sorry, but I don’t get it.  It’s not like there’s no place to pull over and park and take your time.  If you’re on vacation, what kind of hurry can you be in?  What’s the rush?

Oh, as you can see, there was some snow at Bryce.  Kind of pretty, really.  Better than the slushy gray stuff back in western NY!


6 Responses to “iPad Photography (Again)”

  1. meanderingpassage

    Nope, I don’t get the iPad photography. If it’s the only camera you’ve got with you, perhaps, but it looks very awkward. I’ve got an iPad 1…no camera, and I’m OK with that.

    There are moments when drive-by photography makes sense as a last resort. But if there’s time and place I’d rather pull over.

    Signs of our time I guess…and I’m getting to old to understand the “coolness” of it all.

    • Paul Maxim

      I saw another iPad “moment” today, Earl. A guy was taking a picture of the “Welcome to Zion NP” sign with one. I’ve never quite gotten that, either. Why take a picture of the “Welcome” sign? So that you can remember later where you were? Or show your friends where you were? That ought to bore them to tears………

  2. jstrong52

    It’s too much trouble to actually pull off and stop, you know…there are better things to do in Zion than stop, get out of your car and do what? Enjoy the scenery? I think its symptomatic of just how lazy our society has become. People want everything, with no more effort than looking.They should just stay home and watch the travel channel.

  3. John - Visual Notebook

    I have to get used to the way things seem to be posted – suddenly things are posted with my account – which just shows my ID of jtstrong52. Let’s see if this comes across correctly…

    • Paul Maxim

      No problem, John. They both came through. I just haven’t had any access for a couple of days. Although your comments should be posted almost instantly.

      I agree – some people should just stay home and stop clogging things up! As Earl said, sometimes the drive-by method is the only one available. But not in Zion. It’s an easy place to navigate. Just stop, relax, take your time and look around. You might actually “see” something.


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