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The Stripper Bar

Stripper Bar, Las Vegas

No, I don’t know if they do any actual “stripping” in the Stripper Bar.  Even with the giant pole-dancer standing outside.  But we never went inside.  Didn’t want to and the line was pretty long.

Actually, I kind of doubt that it’s that kind of place.  It’s located practically in the center of the Strip near Planet Hollywood (in an area called “The Miracle Mile”).  Not a lot of raunchy activity going on in this part of town.  It’s as much a family spot as you’re going to find in LV.  Walk a ways past this spot and you’re in a giant mall with lots of stores.

But this is typical Las Vegas “fantasy”.  It’s dark, there aren’t any windows, and there’s even a fake sky.  People love it.  And about 90% of them are taking pictures with their phone cameras and point-and-shoots.  I always get this urge to tell them that their exposures are probably in the 1″ range (or worse).  I suspect that most of them don’t even know about ISO’s or aperture settings.  They just figure the camera will do all the work.  This image was shot at ISO 800, f/5.6 at 1/10 of a second.  I had to sit on the floor and steady the camera on my elbows which were resting on my knees.  Even so, I took about 4 of them in hopes of getting one that was reasonably sharp.  This one’s not bad.

Now we’re up in Utah at Bryce Canyon.  Don’t have to worry about long exposures.  And we’ve had to break out the heavy sweatshirts again.  Heck, there’s still snow on the ground in places (although the temperature’s about 60).  That’s what I love about the southwest.  If you don’t like the weather in one place you just have to drive a few hundred miles to find something completely different.

Truly a place “where life is worth living”.  If you don’t mind the insane politics.


2 Responses to “The Stripper Bar”

  1. oneowner

    When you say “where life is worth living” you’re talking about the weather, right. Because we could put a Stripper Bar in Webster if that’s it!!!
    I like the shot, by the way. 1/10th is probably my absolute lowest limit to get anything reasonably sharp, and that is if I can brace the camera well.

    • Paul Maxim

      Well, yes, the weather and the wide open spaces. And the red rock and the amazingly blue sky. To be honest, a Stripper Bar in Webster probably wouldn’t make much difference. Just wouldn’t be the same as it is in LV. Hell, they’d probably lynch the owner!

      On the picture, thanks. People looked at me kind of funny when I sat down to take it. I agree – 1/10 of a second is definitely my limit as well (although I have done a few at 1/5, with very limited success).


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