From the Bridge

Hoover Dam, from the bridge

Not too many years ago you couldn’t see Hoover Dam from this angle unless you were a bighorn sheep.  I have, by the way, actually seen these creatures on these cliffs.  They’re relatively abundant around here.  But the bridge that spans the river above the dam is only a few years old.  To get from Arizona to Nevada (or vice versa), you had to follow the road that crosses the dam itself.  You can see that road in this image.  And it used to take a fair amount of time.  Traffic could get really backed up, especially if they were doing serious security checks.  The first time we did it (in 2007) it was very slow.  They weren’t taking any chances on someone trying to damage the dam.

Today, you just zip on by over this huge bridge.  In reality, you might not even know you’re on the bridge unless you’re paying close attention.  Concrete walls rise up from the pavement and block your view.  Unless you’re in a very tall bus or something, you can’t see the dam at all.  To get this view, you have to get off the highway, drive down near the dam itself, and then walk back up to a walkway that is on the bridge itself.  But it’s worth it.

The border between Arizona and Nevada, by the way, is right in the middle of the bridge.  You can  see a partial shadow of the bridge in the lower right corner.  I also discovered yesterday that people afraid of heights were not comfortable walking around up there.  I’d say you’re at least 500 feet above the water (or ground) up there.  Must have been a lot of fun for the guys who built this thing……….


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