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Beach Thunder

Storm clouds, Pensacola Beach

First, I’m not completely sure that this image is going to look the same to you as it does to me.  While my laptop’s screen is calibrated, how things look on the damn thing seems to depend more on the angle of the screen than anything else.  Pictures can look too dark or too light – all depending on how I’m viewing it.  So if it looks not quite right, I apologize.  And if it looks really bad, please let me know!

In any case, today wasn’t exactly 100% sunshine here.  There seems to be a bit of a storm system just sitting around and spinning without really going anywhere.  They say, though, that it’ll be departing by tomorrow.  In the meantime, no problem as far as I’m concerned.  There’ve been some pretty interesting clouds floating by.  Like these, for instance.  This little pattern wandered over just before a thunderstorm hit.

Not that the folks on the beach seemed to notice or care.  The local lifeguards were busily trying to get people out of the water and not having much luck.  Now why on earth would you want to be in the water during a thunderstorm?  With real honest to goodness lightning.  Dumb.

5 Responses to “Beach Thunder”

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Andreas. I’ve been waiting patiently for a bit of feedback. My “normal” commenters have been unusually quiet. I was beginning to think it looked really atrocious!

      I’m biased, of course, but I thought the repeating patterns were pretty good, too. Both the Gulf and the sky were fairly “angry” that day.

  1. themiddlegeneration

    I like the way the line of the front parallels the surf. And the way you captured the cloud that is about to unload. I would not be in the water in that weather. Do you shoot in b&w, or just edit in photoshop? Very impressive.

    • Paul Maxim


      No, I never shoot in B & W. I think you lose some tonality in the final image when you do that. My opinion, anyway.

      Come to find out, the lifeguards were also trying to get people out of the water because of jellyfish. Hit by lightning and stung at the same time? Definitely sounds dumb to me.


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