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Brown Pelican, Pensacola Beach

It’s time to get out of Rochester for a while.  Skip town.  Head south (and then west).  Go and see what the Gulf looks like this time of year.  And then head for New Orleans and Galveston and San Antonio and then to Las Vegas.  And then, of course, up to Utah.

I’m not complaining, but March in Rochester ain’t all that wonderful.  Even in a mild winter like this one, it’s usually cloudy, gray, and windy.  Not to mention wet.  So tomorrow we hit the road again.  Keep your eyes peeled, Mr. Pelican.  We’re on the way.


4 Responses to “Southbound”

  1. Earl

    I’ll echo what Ken said above…be safe and have a great time. I know you take and share photos! 🙂

  2. John - Visual Notebook

    I’ll echo here: have a safe trip and take a bunch of pics. As far as the pelican goes, I’m amazed that such an awkward looking animal can be so utterly graceful when flying.


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