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A Day at the Beach

Kite Flying

Let’s hear it for the AO (Arctic Oscillation).  According to the weather gurus, it’s the “strongly positive” AO  currently in effect that’s responsible for the general lack of snow and cold weather across the lower 48.  It may not be beach weather, I guess, but it’s still pretty good.  All of the frigid, Arctic air is being bottled up at the top of the world by this strong, tight circular air flow.  If the AO decides to turn negative – as it was for much of last winter – the snow demons will return.  One of the local meteorologists says this might happen later this month and that “winter” will be nasty in February.  Curses on you, weather guy.  May the coming blizzard arrive only at your house.

But for now, no boots, no heavy coats, no shovels.  And maybe this guy is wrong.  Maybe this will turn out to be the “winter that wasn’t”.  I could live with that.

5 Responses to “A Day at the Beach”

  1. ken bello

    I know you’ve played around with selective color before, but I didn’t think you liked it very much. So I’m surprised to see it here. i like the image quite a lot. That’s some piece of driftwood. It looks menacing.
    While I don’t mind the current Winter we’re experiencing, I find it uninspiring photographically. I just can’t get myself motivated. And the weather guy has enough trouble with a two day forecast much less a two month forecast.l

  2. Paul Maxim

    You’re right – I’m not terribly fond of selective color. But here it has a useful effect. One of the things I like about this image (aside from the “menacing” piece of driftwood) is the young girl flying her kite. When I saw her, I tried to frame both she and the kite with the driftwood. But if you look at it either in color or complete black and white, she just doesn’t really show up very well. If, however, I allowed the purplish kite color to show, it also drew attention to her. And to balance it a little, I also allowed anything red to appear in color. A compromise of sorts!

    I have to agree that fresh snow makes for better photography than what we have now. But only when it’s fresh. After that, it’s just a different, colorless version of “yuck”.

  3. Cedric Canard

    Gorgeous photo Paul. In photography I don’t see that any particular technique is all good or all bad. Selective colouring can work very effectively (as in your photograph) just as an out-of-focus photo can sometimes work. The trick is knowing when to use it. Here it is perfect for the reasons you give because when I imagine the shot without the colouring I sense that the girl would simply disappear. Anyway, great work as always.

    • Paul Maxim

      Great to hear from you, Cedric. I keep going back to your site, hoping that maybe you’ve changed your mind and might be posting again. I really miss those thought provoking ideas and reflections. It helped keep my rapidly aging brain from turning into oatmeal.

      And thanks. You’re right – she literally seems to disappear in other processing. When I took it, she was very obvious, probably because she was making a lot of “happy” noise. Unfortunately, photography does a poor job of reproducing sound!

      • Cedric Canard

        Thanks Paul. I’ve had a few people ask me to post again and I am most humbled by it. Only a few days ago I came across a woman sitting on a bench sketching and we started talking when she quoted me, to me! It was quite a surprise. When I asked her where she’d heard the quote she mentioned Plop. And then when I told her who I was she called me an idiot for no longer posting. I think she meant it kindly, in any case I cannot deny that it made my day. Perhaps I will return to Plop some day, if only to stop lovely women calling me ‘idiot’.


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