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It ain’t Spring, but…….

Flowers at City Center, Las Vegas

No, we don’t have any flowers here in western NY at the moment.  At least not the outdoor kind.  I do know of a few flowering cabbages around my neighborhood that aren’t dead yet, but they do fairly well in the cold.

What we also don’t have, though, is snow.  Nothing.  Zero.  Nada.  Zip.  We don’t have any now and we haven’t had any.  The weather folks say we’ve “officially” had 2 inches so far, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  Maybe we did at the airport – where they measure such things – but I guarantee that it didn’t stick to the ground.  The grass is still green, I’ve not seen a single snow plow, and people are still riding bikes and motorcycles.  A few people, anyway.

Which makes this year a lot different than last year.  By this time last year, we’d had 43 inches of the white stuff.  The temperature rarely got over 30 in December, 2010 and snow plows were out night and day.  Some days, they couldn’t keep up.  There was no question that Christmas would be white.  Skiers and snowmobilers were loving it.  Their world was frozen.

But not today.  Not so far this year.  November was generally balmy and December has been a gift.  Maybe we’ll get hammered in January.  Who knows.  But for now, I’ll take every snowless day I can get.


4 Responses to “It ain’t Spring, but…….”

  1. Ken Bello

    It’s kinda strange that it snowed right after you posted this, Paul. Not much, but it’s sticking to the ground.
    I like this shot of the flowers up against the wall. I don’t remember visiting City Center when I was there.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Ken. Yes, I think my post may have been the proverbial “kiss of death”. The very next morning, there it was covering the ground. But we “warm up” again tomorrow.

      City Center was being built when we lived there (2007 – 2008). Construction started, of course, before that. It opened, I think, late in 2008. We’d already moved back to Rochester. So this was the first time we’d seen it in its final state. Well, nothing is ever “final” in Las Vegas, but you know what I mean. It sits just north of New York – New York and Monte Carlo. Huge place. Some really good places to eat in there. In case you didn’t notice, there’s water running down the wall in the photograph. It was the shadows on the wall that got my attention.

  2. Earl

    Paul, I had to chuckle after reading Ken’s comment about it snowing just after you posted this. I like this photo of the flowers and the three distinct sections…flowers, grass and wall. Something about it “clicks” and works well.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Earl. Yeah, the snow that “stuck” was a bit of a surprise and, as I said to Ken, the superstitious side of me figures it was my fault. But it’s all gone again. Nothing but green grass. I even saw a piece on the Weather Channel today where they mentioned Rochester and showed pictures of flowers growing. Weird.


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