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If it’s Yellow, it must be November

Sunrise, Webster, NY

In all fairness (to me), I didn’t “chase” this light.  It just sort of appeared in the sky as I was reading the Sunday fish-wrapper.  I tried to ignore it at first, mostly because it was just the standard orange and red sunrise that we all see from time to time.  Well, not often around here, I suppose, but sometimes we actually do see the sun come up this time of year in Webster.  It was nice, but I didn’t need any more images of a moderately interesting sunrise clogging up my hard drives.  I have enough.  So I went back to reading about sex scandals at Penn St. and Syracuse.

Not good, that Syracuse thing, by the way.  Lots and lots of SU fans living around here.  They ain’t happy.  And it’s not altogether bad that my mother – in – law died a while back, since she practically breathed “Orange”.  This would have seriously messed up her universe.  Oh, and my sister – in – law named one of her dogs “Boeheim”.  Never did figure that one out.  At least she didn’t call him “Fine” or “Bernie”, though.

All of which has nothing to do with yesterday morning’s sky.  As I was reading about the alleged misadventures of Syracuse’s assistant coach, I noticed that the color of the newspaper seemed to be changing – to yellow.  As was the rest of the room and pretty much everything else.  Everything was this orange-ish yellow color.

In July, this doesn’t happen.  At least not that I recall.  Sunrise happens much too quickly.  That period that we call “twilight” is very short in the summer.  You might see some red or orange for a couple of minutes, but then the sun clears the horizon and it’s all gone.  But now, in November, when it rises as much to the south as it does to the east, it takes a really long time.  So the atmosphere can do some interesting things.  Especially with broken clouds.

So color me stupid.  I took some pictures.  And this one hasn’t been “juiced”.  In fact, I’ve toned it down from what the camera “thinks” it saw.  What you see here is close to what my brain remembers.  Just a whole bunch of yellow and orange.

Today we’re back to New York gray.  Typical stuff for November.  I’m not complaining; it’s just the way it is here.


2 Responses to “If it’s Yellow, it must be November”

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Don. Yes, a shameless exploitation of color! But sometimes the urge to press the shutter button is a little overwhelming, even when you know it ain’t really “art”.


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