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Cinnabar Drive

Cinnabar Dr., Sedona, AZ

If you like “Weird”, you might have enjoyed the article I saw yesterday (in the local paper’s Travel section) about Sedona’s famous vortexes.  Those places that supposedly exist around Sedona where your soul can be healed, rejuvenated, and literally made to glow.

If you don’t know, a vortex (in Sedona, at least) is a place where invisible, swirling energy radiates from the earth and “heals” those who are smart enough to stand in its path.  That would be a good thing, I suppose, but so far there’s no hard scientific evidence that they exist.  Not that that has stopped lots of people from coming to Sedona to reap the benefits of these things.  Or to visit those New Age merchants who’d like to sell you a piece.  People come and they spend.  And maybe when they leave, they feel “healed”.  If that’s true, I’m happy for them.

As for me, it’s just the place.  I like the area.  But I can do without the vortexes.  I’ve seen them, but haven’t noticed any special glows or energy fields.  Maybe it’s because I’m a non-believer.  Maybe they don’t work unless you “truly” believe.

Just a quick word about the photograph: this street sign might be the only thing that’s bent or out of place in all of Sedona.  Most everything else is perfectly aligned or placed.  The residents seem to like things neat there.  But somebody managed to bend this thing.

I’ll bet, though, that it’s fixed by now.  Cinnabar Drive is one of those roads you can’t go down unless you know how to open a very large gate.  Lots of nice houses down that road.  I doubt those folks appreciated the bent sign.  Some poor repair guy – probably an illegal immigrant – was likely there the next morning.


8 Responses to “Cinnabar Drive”

  1. ken bello

    I think the vortex bent that street sign. These are very powerful forces at work out there, so powerful that they defy scientific explanation. I wonder if anyone has gone there to take P.K.E. Meter readings.

    Very nice photo, Paul. Is it possible to take a bad photo in Sedona?

  2. Paul Maxim

    Thanks, Ken. “Bad” photographs in Sedona? For sure. Just take a look at my collection of Sedona images. Lots and lots of not so great stuff. Most of them taken during the middle of the day, when things are pretty stark there. Maybe we shouldn’t be “light chasers”, but in some places (like Sedona) those so-called “golden hours” are your best option.

    No, don’t think a vortex did this (good theory, though). No vortexes near this place – only 4 “major” ones exist in the entire Sedona area. Actually, I was baffled by the location of the bend, near the top of the pole. It’s not as if a car hit it. Maybe a very large, nearsighted bird flew into it or something.

  3. themiddlegeneration

    I love the different areas of lighting in the photo- the reflection in the clouds, the highlights of the shrubbery and the shadows on the trees and cliffs. I would not have considered including the street sign, but the way you caught it as slightly askew and an anomaly in the area actually makes it very interesting. Your previous photos from the area make we want to visit. I’m heading to Tucson in Feb so maybe I’ll check how far a drive it is from there.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks. Normally, I’d exclude the street sign, too, but not this time. It just seemed to “fit”.

      If I remember correctly, Tucson is about 230 miles from Sedona. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive, I think. Probably a little too far for a day trip, in my opinion. If you could stay overnight in Sedona, that would make it easier. Well worth it!

  4. Earl

    Lovely light in this photo. I’m thinking if there are “good” vortexes then doesn’t it stand to reason that there are “bad” vortexes as well? Places where more people then average get sick, develop diseases or perhaps have muddled thinking. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Paul!

    • Paul Maxim

      Yes, I think Arizona and Utah have some of the nicest sunrise / sunset light I’ve ever seen. Interesting thought on the “bad” vortexes, Earl. Especially with regard to the muddled thinking. Perhaps the current Republican presidential candidates have all been standing on top of one them. How else can what they sometimes say be explained?

      Actually, you might be on to something. Have you ever arrived somewhere (like a town, for example) and had that feeling that something wasn’t right? That “bad vibes” kind of feeling? When you couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there and didn’t know why? I know I have. Maybe those places have “evil” vortexes.

      Hey, now there’s an idea for a spooky novel…….

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Paul. Yes, the crooked sign appealed to me, too. It’s actually got me thinking of a new project – hunting down all the crooked signs in Rochester. Just have to wait until all the snow plows have been running for a while. Given their past history, I’m sure we’ll have lots of new, crooked signs very soon.


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