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Let them eat Pizza

Chimney Bluffs and Lake Ontario

Pizza is a vegetable.  You know, those round hot things that don’t grow in the ground, don’t need any kind of planting, have no leaves or stems, and don’t require watering.  But they do (most of the time) have tomato sauce on them.  Which apparently makes them qualify as “vegetables”.  It must be true because the U. S. Congress says so.  And who could possibly doubt that assemblage of mental giants?

It makes me think back to the good old days when Ronald Reagan proclaimed that catsup was a vegetable.  Of course, he also said that trees were a major source of air pollution because they gave off carbon dioxide.  Well, “science” marches on.

In reality, nobody really thinks that pizza is a vegetable (at least I hope not).  But some of our esteemed representatives were forced to adopt this position when the Obama administration tried to push through legislation that would have made the food served in our public schools less fattening.  Like serving more fruit and vegetables and fewer french fries, pizza, and cheeseburgers.  To the Obama folks, it seemed reasonable.  Current data predicts that by 2020 more than 80% of all men and 70% of all women will be either overweight or obese.  That’ll be a lot of excess weight walking around.  So why not nip it in the bud (or maybe more correctly, “in the butt”)?

In case you hadn’t noticed, though, the big food producers in this country are extremely powerful and have lots of money.  That can buy a lot of votes.  Which is pretty much what happened.  The rationalization (I’d call it “spin”) was that stuff like pizza was really just like a vegetable.  There was no need to change the menus – everything was just fine.  Let ’em eat pizza for lunch.  Then, in the name of “fiscal responsibility”, cut out nonessential things like physical education.  Those types of teachers make way too much money, anyway.

After all, the kids will get plenty of exercise when they go home – playing video games.  Or at least their thumbs will.  That way they’ll be able to text faster on their smart phones.


6 Responses to “Let them eat Pizza”

  1. Juha Haataja

    Nice butts in the photograph – sorry, bluffs!

    It indeed seems that thinking has been replaced by rationalization, and lobbyists are making a lot of money.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Juha. No, not much actual thinking going on these days. Just look at the field of Republican candidates for president. Only one of them (Huntsman) seems to know what “thinking” actually means.

  2. ken bello

    And I always thought of pizza as a “grain” because the dough was made from wheat. One of the reasons I’m not qualified to be a Representative.

    Nice shot from the Bluffs. I can’t believe I never went there when I was (much) younger. People say it’s a sight if you can get out there on a boat and see it from the Lake. I, myself, am not that fond of boats.

    • Paul Maxim

      Yes, I’ll bet the Bluffs are interesting from the lake. It would be really interesting if you could get out there just as a snow squall was moving in. My fingers are getting numb just thinking about it…….

  3. Cedric

    I have to laugh otherwise I’ll cry. What a sad sad world.

    Your photo reminds me that this was one of the places I’d wanted to visit on my “tour” of the States but sadly never got to. You’d think 9 months in a country would be enough to see everything but apparently not.

    • Paul Maxim

      You’d actually heard of Chimney Bluffs before your visit? Don’t worry about it too much – it’s interesting, but it ain’t southern Utah (I threw that in there for Ken).

      You’re right. If you don’t laugh at most of this stuff, you’ll go crazy. Then again, most of us are already there anyway.


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