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Seasonal Tease (Again)

Don’t get me wrong – I love fall here in the northeast.  It’s my favorite season, by far.  Temperatures are usually just about right, colors seem more vibrant than at any other time of year, and the light is pretty good most of the day.  And when you get a stretch of really good weather – like right now – you just can’t beat it.  We’ve got sunshine, a few clouds, and warmth.  By the end of this weekend, we could be up around 70 degrees.  Roughly 20 degrees above “normal” and close to record setting.  Just wonderful.

But it’s just the annual tease – just Mother Nature setting us up – one more time.  Making us think that nothing “bad” is going to happen this year.  No snow, no below freezing temperatures for weeks at a time, no sunsets at 4:30 in the afternoon, and no eternal grayness to deal with.  And once again, we fall for it.  We believe that this year it will somehow all be different.  We buy the flim-flam.  Indian summer fools us again.

You’d think we’d finally be getting smart.  That when we looked at the calendar and saw that DST ends this Sunday, we’d know that the wrath of the gods of snow and ice was just days away.  Like death, it’s inevitable.  Unless we head south or something.  To South America, I mean.

But we won’t.  We’ll stick it out.  We’ll go outside and take pictures of all that glorious color, knowing, somewhere in the back of our feeble brains, that today’s beautiful leaves will be tomorrow’s pale and frozen icicles.


2 Responses to “Seasonal Tease (Again)”

  1. Earl

    Paul, I’ve always held some truth to the saying “Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice shame on me.” Perhaps a first season in upper New York State could make winter’s harsh arrival seen a cruel joke, a tease, but the rules of the game should be well known by now. 🙂

    I do like the way you’ve captured the autumn colors via the reflections semi-framed by darker foregound foliage in this photo.

    • Paul Maxim

      That’s sort of the point – the “rules of the game” are well known by anyone who’s lived here more than a year. But it doesn’t seem to matter. Here’s another old saying: “Hope springs eternal”. People always are willing to be “fooled”. Like in the old “Peanuts” cartoon when Lucy promises to hold the football steady so that Linus (I think it was Linus) can kick it. She did it every year, and every year poor Linus wound up on his butt. It’s easy to “tease” or fool people who want to believe. How else can we explain the Republican presidential contenders? As a species, we are Linus writ large. Not bad or stupid – just gullible.

      Oh, thanks for the image comment, Earl. I have been enjoying the color this year, but what struck me here was the fragility of the leaves. Just sitting there on those tiny twigs, waiting for a wind strong enough to blow them off. They’re probably already gone…….


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