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End of the Trail (almost)

Sunset, La Sal Mountains (from Arches NP)

I really hate the “return” part of a long trip.  Long hours on the road, one night hotel stays, and of course having to deal with all those orange cones again.  At the moment we’re in Illinois, tomorrow night in Ohio, and then home.  As of now, the weather forecast for our arrival in Rochester isn’t all that wonderful, either.  Not to mention the fact that we both got a bit sick along the way (I think that may have happened in Las Vegas, but who knows).  Probably all that damn snow…….

But it’s been worth it.  Lots and lots of images to look at, and lots of good fun.  This was one of the last ones I took.  The way things worked out, we spent a final night in Moab, Utah, so I went into Arches just as the sun was setting.  It had snowed on the mountains that flank Arches, so there was a nice glow coming off of them.

No mountains in Ohio, by the way.  Or in Kansas or Missouri or Illinois or Indiana.  Just a whole lot of “flat”……..

3 Responses to “End of the Trail (almost)”

  1. Paul Lester

    Well, at least there are some rolling hills in Ohio, but as you will be crossing the northern part, lots of mostly flat land, as you know. 🙂


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