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A Windows Morning

North and South Window, Arches NP

My newest goal in life is to own a piece of the business that makes the orange barrels and cones that you see along the nation’s interstates.  From one end of the country to the other.  Nothing but orange and single lane traffic.  I’d thought that road repair was something that we were thinking about doing (you know, to create jobs), not something that was already in progress.  I guess I was wrong.  I-70 from Columbus, Ohio all the way to western Kansas must be visible from space when the light is right.  Just one long orange string.

But now we’re in Moab, Utah.  The land of red rock and deep blue sky.  And a whole lot of small lizards.

The “Windows” section of Arches is one of my favorite spots.  Mother Nature has been very busy here over the last few million years or so.  It takes a really long time to make an arch.

This image was shot just after sunrise this morning.  Before all of the bus people arrived and clogged the place up.  A national park, by the way, is no place to be between roughly 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Get there very early and leave early.  Then return if you like for an hour or two before sunset.  By that time, all of the buses have headed for dinner somewhere.

Better yet, come during December.  You might even see some snow.  And no buses.

2 Responses to “A Windows Morning”

  1. Paul

    You certainly have been getting around a lot recently! 🙂 What a beautiful place to visit. I’ve not been there, yet, but I absolutely love to visit Utah, in particular, SW Utah (around St. George). There are so many beautiful state parks to see, if you are into reds, browns, yellows, and dusty greens.

    You are certainly right about the buses. I went to Zion National Park and it was clogged with buses and people during the day. I vowed that next time that I visited, I would make sure that I stayed nearby and could be there before sunrise.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Paul. You’re right about some of the Utah state parks. Snow Canyon near St. George is very nice, and of course there’s always Kodachrome state park near Bryce. Not to mention all of the national parks in the state.

      As for Zion, I wouldn’t try to stay anywhere but Springdale. It’s a pretty little town (we’ll be there soon) and it sits right on the doorstep of the park. Very easy for sunrise photography!


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