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Slip – Sliding Away

Stony Brook SP, NY

Not a big deal, I guess, but I saw an article in yesterday’s newspaper about the new Martin Luther King memorial in Washington.  Call me stupid, but I figured that something like that had to have been made right here in the U. S. by an American sculptor.  Or at least by someone who called this place home.  Or maybe even by an African American artist.

Nope.  It was designed by a Chinese sculptor and made by Chinese workers who were earning next to nothing for their efforts.

As pointed out by the person writing the story, isn’t that just a wee bit ironic?  Wasn’t Dr. King someone who consistently said that all people should be able to earn respectable pay for their work?  In fact, wasn’t that exactly what he was doing when he was killed?

Now I know we’ve been exporting jobs by the zillions, but this is just a bit absurd.  In the not too distant future, we’ll be lucky if we can still tie our own shoes.  And heaven help us if we decide that there’s someone else that we’d like to see up on Mt. Rushmore.  We’ll probably farm that out, too.


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