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The Mystery of the Fan

Here’s an image from Charleston, SC that I’d meant to post, but forgot.  Probably because it’s not mine – my wife took it.  We were wandering around one of the old cemeteries, each going our own way, and she “discovered” this fan sitting on a grave marker.  Thinking it was a little unusual, she took this picture.

I never actually saw it, even though one of my images clearly shows it in the background.  The camera saw it; I didn’t.

I’m guessing there’s a story to this thing.  My wife said that if you looked at it closely, it appeared not to have been there very long.  In fact, it looked almost new.  So why leave a fan?   And who’s doing it?  Since these are all old graves, it’s likely that this has happened more than once.  So far, an internet search has revealed nothing.

Don’t you just love a good mystery……..


2 Responses to “The Mystery of the Fan”

  1. ken bello

    Your wife has quite an eye, Paul. This is really nice. You could guess all day as to how it got there but the fact is it’s a pretty picture. Is this a G10 shot?

  2. Paul Maxim

    Thanks, Ken. I’ll pass that along to her. She definitely looks for stuff that I do not; I think it’s because she’s so much shorter than I am!

    Yes, she uses the G10. A decent camera, but one that has a fairly narrow dynamic range window, in my opinion. Images like these work well, but throw in a little sun and shadow and you’ve got some problems.


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