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Meeting and Market

Meeting and Market Intersection, Charleston, SC

In my opinion, this is the “heart” of Charleston.  The intersection of Meeting St. and Market St. seems to me to be the center of activity in this city.  It’s for sure the busiest intersection, especially with respect to tourist traffic.  Most of the oldest and most interesting historical properties lie between this spot and the Battery.  It’s here that you’ll find some of the oldest churches and cemeteries, with names like Calhoun and Rutherford on the tombstones.  You’ll also find the house where the ideas of Nullification and Secession took form.  In a very real sense, the Confederacy was born in Charleston.

It’s also, of course, where the Civil War began.  From the Battery, you can look out across the water and see the remains of Fort Sumter, the federal garrison that was bombarded by Confederate forces in April, 1861.  Ironically, the start of that horrible conflagration was nearly bloodless.  Not one Union soldier died during the shelling.

As with all wars, they should have quit while they were ahead.


5 Responses to “Meeting and Market”

  1. Paul

    You’re bringing back lots of good memories of Charleston. I used to go downtown frequently just to shoot film and hang out. Lots of nice little cafes down there. If you’ve not been, and you love seafood, you need to get over to Hymans! Excellent. Assuming that you’re still there.

    • Paul Maxim

      Sadly, we left Charleston late last week. It’s a tough place to drive away from.

      Funny you should mention Hyman’s. We make it a point to eat there whenever we visit and we’ve always come away satisfied. It’s a great place. Well, until this time. In a word, it was just plain bad. The food was bad (except for their famous hush puppies) and our server was a real twit. I’ve always gotten good fish there but the haddock I ordered last week was tasteless and overdone. I was really surprised. But maybe they were just having a bad night…..

      • Paul

        Wow! Bad food at Hyman’s. Not good. Well, at least you had a great time in Charleston. 🙂

  2. ken bello

    This is a great photo, Paul. It looks like you might be standing on a tall ladder in the middle of the intersection. No converging of vertical lines ether. I know you’re tall, but your not 12 feet! Were you standing on the roof of your car, maybe?

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Ken. Funny you should say 12 feet – that’s about how high I was above the street. But not on a ladder or the roof of my car. I was standing on the top of the stairs of a building that is now a Confederate museum. It’s also part of a public market area that has been there a long time. Hence the name “Market Street”.


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