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Windows and Doors

Jekyll Island Ruins

We’ve been on Jekyll Island for 3 days now.  Mostly watching it rain.  But at least it’s fairly warm.  And after today, we’ll actually get to see the sun.  Jekyll Island, if you didn’t know, is in the southeastern corner of Georgia, not too far north of Jacksonville, Fl.  Kind of a neat little island with miles and miles of beach.  Of course, we haven’t seen much of that yet.  So in between the raindrops we’ve been visiting the other stuff.  Like these restored ruins.  The “cement” used in the original structure, believe it or not, was partially composed of sea shells.


5 Responses to “Windows and Doors”

  1. Paul

    You’re ‘right down the road’ from me … about 5 hours. 🙂 I love it there. If you are into morning photography, check out the side of the island that faces the light house and St. Simon Island. I believe it’s the eastern side of the island. There is lots of driftwood on that side and it make for some wonder photo opportunities at sunrise. They call it, colloquially, Driftwood Beach.

  2. Paul Maxim

    Yeah, not too far from Earl, either. I’ve been to Driftwood Beach – probably the most interesting spot on the island. I’ll be going back tomorrow morning, since there will finally actually be a “sunrise”. The rain has finally stopped and it’s supposed to clear tonight. The people who live here are ecstatic about the rain. It’s been pretty dry, I guess. Us tourists not so ecstatic, though.

    The weird thing about the ocean here is that it doesn’t really smell like ocean. But maybe I’m so used to Maine that anything else is just “less”.

    We went to St. Simon’s this morning to see the lighthouse there. It poured. Couldn’t go up in the light because it was too wet, they said. Bummer. I love climbing lighthouses.

    • Paul

      OK. So you know your way around. 🙂 There’s some good crabbing off of the pier during the slack tide, assuming that they’ve not over fished it. A few years ago we had a great time crabbing on the pier. Good luck with the rain! I guess that the system that is supposed to finish up here today. I’m looking forward to seeing the sun, with or without driftwood!

  3. Ken Bello

    It’s raining here, too, Paul. Could be worse, could be snowing. It’s 38 big degrees now as I write, with a forecast into the low 40’s.
    I really like this photo. I can see some reinforcement around the door and window but are they still ruins if they’re restored?

    • Paul Maxim

      Yeah, I’ve been watching Rochester’s weather, Ken. You’re right – it could be worse! We’re in Savannah at the moment. Very pleasant here.

      Good question – I doubt there’s any of the original “ruin” left.


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