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Ugly Anne

Ugly Anne, Perkins Cove, Maine

Well this is kind of fun.  After I decided to try the selective color thing in Silver Efex Pro 2, I needed to find an image to work on.  One with some red in it.  So what popped into my head immediately was the Ugly Anne, a fishing boat that has been one of my favorite subjects since we first saw it about 15 years ago.  It’s always been bright red.  And  unless it’s out on a fishing excursion, you can always find it in the harbor at Perkins Cove.

Anyway, this was the result.  Not bad, I guess, but I don’t think I’ll ever be a big fan of “selective color”.  It certainly draws your attention to the boat, but the next thing that pops into your head (mine, anyway) is that there’s only one color.  Everything else is a shade of gray.  It’s like you couldn’t make up your mind to process the thing in color or in black and white.  So you compromised.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Still, it’s a nice tool.


3 Responses to “Ugly Anne”

  1. ken bello

    This is really nice the way it is, Paul. As you know, I’m a fan of selective color going back to my hand coloring days. On the right image, it’s a very creative tool. Don’t give up.
    Just downloaded the trial of Silver Efix v2, but I haven’t tried this effect yet.

  2. Earl

    Paul, I like the selected color effect in limited quantities and in this case you chose an image well suited for its use. Something different and interesting. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t tried this in Silver Efex Pro v2 yet.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Earl. All I can say is that this is the most fun I’ve had with photographic editing software since I first discovered Photoshop.


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