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The Face of Lake Effect – Part 2

A "wall" of snow

This is a second image from Saturday.  I didn’t have a long lens with me, so this is only at 105 mm with a small crop afterwards.  Still, it’s easy to see a little more detail in the approaching snow band.  What interests me about this image is the “2 – tiered” effect in the cloud formation.  One thing’s for sure – I don’t think I’d want to be taking a boat out into that mess.

3 Responses to “The Face of Lake Effect – Part 2”

  1. Ken Bello

    And a mess it was, Paul. I was out shopping and when I left the store (after only 1/2 hour, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground and coming down hard. Good shot!!!

  2. Earl

    Impressive images, Paul. It certainly captures how powerful the Lake Effect can be. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it so clearly pictured before. That 2-tiered effect is strange and interesting.


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