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The Tree

I don’t take a lot of holiday pictures, especially since our grandchildren outgrew the “Santa” years.  It’s never been my favorite time of year, for a host of reasons.  I’m no Scrooge, but you’ll never see me in a Santa costume either.  In fact, I wholeheartedly endorse a proposal I saw in the paper a few weeks ago that suggested we only have Christmas once every 5 years or so.  Seemed reasonable to me.  That might discourage retailers from putting up Christmas decorations shortly after Halloween.  And it might keep people from running up those credit card bills in the “spirit” of the season.

But if I have a favorite Christmas image (of my own, that is), it’s this one.  It was taken 3 years ago in one of my favorite spots.  And no, it’s not in a mall.  I try very hard to stay away from malls at Christmas.  If hell has an earthly address, it’s a mall at Christmas.

No, this was in a place that’s a whole lot more fun.  In fact, people come from all over the world to see the seasonal displays here.  Seriously.  They do.


7 Responses to “The Tree”

  1. Ken Bello

    I can see why this is your favorite, Paul. It’s wonderful!

    The Christmas every five years proposal will never work, though. It’ll be 5 times more annoying.

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Ken. Yeah, it might be more annoying, I suppose, but I could probably afford to go hide out somewhere every 5 years until the insanity was all over. Maybe in some isolated canyon in Utah or someplace like that. Better yet, someplace where they’ve never heard of Santa Claus or Rudolph……if there is such a place.

  2. Christian

    Dear Paul, just marvelous!
    Thanks for this post and for all the beautiful pieces of art you put on display throughout this year.
    Happy Christmas!

    • Paul Maxim

      Yep, the Bellagio it is, Chris. Of course, you have a bit of an unfair advantage since you live there! I don’t remember if you guys were with us on this trip to the strip or not. You were probably both working. I wonder what this year’s display looks like?

  3. Earl

    Paul, have a wonderful holiday season and may the coming new year be good to you. I’ve certainly enjoyed following your post and beautiful photos this year.


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