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The Silver Lining

As much as I whine about winter and snow, there are a few upsides to the season, I guess.  By far the biggest, in my opinion, is the relative quiet.  Head out into a wooded area like this one and the only sound you’re likely to hear is your own movement.  For those of us who would rather have a root canal than visit a nearby mall during the holiday season, this is a big deal.  Silence is good; noise isn’t.  Even if it means being cold.


8 Responses to “The Silver Lining”

    • Paul Maxim

      Peaceful, indeed. I was wondering, by the way, if you’re back to “normal” moving around (you have a “new” knee or two, right?).

  1. Earl

    Paul, yes one of my favorite things about winter and snow…the quiet. I also enjoy checking out animal tracks in a fresh snow and the associated cold makes that hot chocolate or tea much the better when I get back. I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday season!

  2. Ken Bello

    I agree with you, Paul, except for the part about having a root canal. That’s no fun at all. But I do tend to clear my head jut being out in a beautiful area, even for a short time.

    This is a really nice shot, though. Can it be the Mill Creek at Webster (Where Life is Worth Living) Park?

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Ken. Good guess, but no. I managed to haul my butt to Durand for a little hike in the snow. Cold, but peaceful. I only saw 2 or 3 people the whole time.

  3. Don

    Well I’ll never be “normal”, no fun in that, but yes I had my second knee replacement and all is well thank you.


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