Lunch at 9,000 ft.

Lunch at Rainbow Point, Bryce NP

We’re actually at Zion NP at the moment, with rain and thunderstorms in the area.  I’d guess we’ve seen the last of the hot weather for a while.  Tomorrow, in fact, when we drive to Las Vegas, the temperature isn’t expected to top 75.  The folks in Sin City will have their winter coats on.  I just hope it isn’t raining there.  Having lived there, I know the havoc a little rain on the roads can cause.

I’ve also been having a little trouble with email and internet connections.  Most of the time it’s been reliable.  Sometimes, though, it just disappears.  But that’s why I’ve missed a few days.  Not to mention all the hiking and climbing over rocks and stuff.  Except for today, lots and lots of pictures.

This image was taken up at Rainbow Point in Bryce.  At 9,100 feet, it’s the highest point in the park.  I happened to see these four people sitting on one of the benches a few feet from the edge enjoying lunch.  Not a bad view, either.  In fact, if you look closely you’ll see that the guy in the green jacket has a sandwich in his left hand and a cell phone in his right.  While he eats, he’s taking pictures.  Why not?

At least he’s sitting still.  What’s provided us with unending amusement is all the people taking pictures from moving cars or motorcycles or bus windows.  Not to mention the ones who jump out, aim the camera directly at the sun, and fire away.  I’d love to see the results…..

Last night we heard one woman complaining to a park ranger that the sky wasn’t orange, “as promised”.  Hell, she wasn’t even looking in the right direction.  She was looking at the formation known as the West Temple, which only sees good light early in the day. 

Well, she won’t have to worry about that tonight.  Bad weather sometimes means good photography, but probably not tonight.  It’s just ugly out there.


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