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Dead Horse Point

Sunrise, Dead Horse Point SP

Dead Horse Point SP is about 30 miles northwest of Moab, Utah and effectively borders Canyonlands NP.  A very small park, it is best known for spectacular images of sunrise as you look toward Canyonlands.  Much of what you see here, in fact, is part of Canyonlands.  The river in the image is the Green River; it joins with the Colorado deeper within Canyonlands.  Some have compared this view with the Grand Canyon.  I guess I won’t argue.

Again, not the greatest image ever taken from this vantage point.  Atmospherically, things have been pretty dull here in Utah for a few days now.  A strong high pressure system has settled over most of the southwest, causing record high temperatures and cloudless skies.  We’re now in Torrey, Utah (the closest town to Capitol Reef NP).  What’s interesting about this place is the wide, rapid swings in temperature.  At night, it gets down into the 40’s.  Sunrise can be just a bit chilly.  But an hour or two later the temperature is in the 70’s and rising.  By midafternoon, it’s in the mid 80’s.  So if you don’t like the current temperature, just wait a little bit.  Sooner or later, you’ll get the one you want.


2 Responses to “Dead Horse Point”

  1. Bob Palin

    Fantastic picture!

    The weather in Torrey at this time is totally unpredictable, this is an exceptionally warm end to September. We have had snow at this time of year too. Life in the mountains…

    Bob Palin
    Torrey, Utah


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