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The Morning After

Sunrise, Arches NP

This image was taken the morning after the “big” storms.  The red sandstone was still wet, making the color of the rock at sunrise even more intense.  The sun was out all of about 20 minutes as it rose, and then the clouds took over again.

This image, by the way, is essentially “as is” out of the camera.  I only made a slight exposure adjustment.  No contrast and no color adjustments whatsoever.  Sometimes nature is enough.


7 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. Markus Spring

    Outstanging light on a wonderful scenery, Paul. That statement of course creates certain misgivings re. the reaction of the landscapist 😉 But then, you weren’t chasing the light, weren’t you? The storms have really done wonders again – this light and reflection for me is much more interesting than any blue sky could be.

  2. Steve Weeks

    This one will be a hard act to follow in the rest of your journey.

    When I first started doing digital photography of the southwest, particularly the red rock at sunrise, I admit to desaturating the reds, bringing down the luminosity and backing off the contrast just it make it a believable image. I have matured and now just let them scream “Oh yah, baby”.

    Good Stuff.

  3. Paul

    Earl already used the word that I was going to use, so I’ll use another one … Damn! That is glorious.


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