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Saturday Bath II

Another image I liked from the same series – this time from the opposite end of the breakwall.

Yesterday I mentioned the “lake effect machine” with respect to both rain and snow.  I was a little surprised to learn on last night’s news that Oswego, NY got over 4″ of rain from this weekend’s little event.  (In case you didn’t know, Oswego sits on the southeast corner of Lake Ontario, just to the northeast of Syracuse.  In the winter, it receives an average of about 140″ of snow because of it’s location.)  That’s more rain than most of New England got from the passage of Hurricane Earl.


3 Responses to “Saturday Bath II”

  1. Paul

    I, for one, would not be out there. It looks a little to ‘iffy’ for me, brother! Great shot of a couple of daredevils. 🙂 That spray is going a bit too high for me, which means that that wave action is pretty darn powerful!

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Paul (for all 3 comments). While I don’t think these guys were ever in any serious danger, the waves were fairly strong. What’s more, the waves were picking up chunks of sand and small stones from the bottom of the lake (it’s very shallow on the other side of this breakwall). So these two were getting hit by stuff other than water. And every once in a while a piece of driftwood would also get thrown up. That could have smarted a little, I think. But hey, when you’re that young you’re not only indestructible, you’re immortal. Reminds me of that old question: Why is youth wasted on the young?


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