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End of the Day

Maine sunset, Ogunquit

I was wandering around down on the rocks below the Bechmere Hotel (where we stayed) right around sunset on our last day there.  The hotel sits right on the Marginal Way just above the Atlantic.  It was low tide, and I was really more interested in low lying rock formations than sunsets.  When I turned and looked back toward the hotel, I saw this.  I think it was more the cloud’s shape than the color that attracted me. 

So here you go – one more “iconic” sunset shot.

6 Responses to “End of the Day”

    • Paul Maxim

      I don’t think so, Don. Technically, I think it violates the “Thou shalt not post pretty pictures” statute. Now if there was a delapidated car or bent stop sign or something of that ilk in the image, it would be OK. As it stands, though, it’s just “eco porn”. A definite violation of the post modernist code of conduct. If the wrong people see this, I’ll probably be fined or at least severely reprimanded. But that’s me – always living on the wild side.

      • Earl

        Paul, since there’s an American Flag in the photo I believe you could defend your posting of this image on the grounds that it is a political statement with the towering clouds representing the power energy centric companies have over our great nation.

        It’s a coincidence it’s also a “pretty picture.”

  1. Monte Stevens

    If they do arrest you, we’ll pool together some cash for bail money, unless it’s over $100. We have our limits as your internet friends! LOL

    I think this is a great image. The crop really calls our attention to the clouds. For me the color is what called my attention first. Red skylines shout at me all the time. Next my eyes moved to the hotel and finally to the flag. I’m going to need to look this place up.

  2. Paul Maxim

    Earl: An interesting “interpretation”. I’m really glad, though, that all of this is tongue – in – cheek. Why ruin a “pretty” moment with politics, right?

    Monte: No worries. The post-modernists are about as disorganized a bunch as you’ll ever find. Besides that, they all suffer from severe depression.

    Alan: Thanks. Yes, it is. Personally, I’d rather have been further north (like Stonington or Bar Harbor). Southern Maine can get just a wee bit too “touristy”, especially in the summer.


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